You can easily declare your rights on works by using our simplified electronic declaration file S-WRI (Simplified Works and Rights Interface), the Excel-based format.

  • The rights on works you wish to declare at AGICOA are stored at your end in a database (Oracle, MS-Access, etc ...). The S-WRI format will allow to import this data from your database into AGICOA's database when the following conditions are met:
    • S-WRI is intended for submitting new declarations of rights on works (such as a new film, new short film, new series, new seasons of an existing series, new episodes of an existing season etc.). “New” means that it is the first time the rightsholder will declare rights on this work with AGICOA;
    • S-WRI is not intended for rights updates;
    • S-WRI can only be used to declare “worldwide” rights (no language, no channels, no territory restrictions);
    • But rightsholders will be able to declare a standard rights exclusion frame, which will apply to all declarations submitted to all incoming S-WRI declarations. This will give the opportunity for rightsholders to state that they do not have rights (or do not wish AGICOA to claim) in the USA, as an example, for cable retransmission rights;
    • On series, the start of rights and end of rights dates have to be the same for all components of that series. The serial header rights information, which has to be provided, will take precedence over any other information entered at season or episode level;
    • No management of validity dates.
  • The S-WRI format is suited especially for new mass declarations;

  • Each time you send us your declarations in the S-WRI format, the Portfolio Manager validates them. Then you will be able to use IRRIS Web (web declaration portal) to query your data.

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