AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l.: How it works

Our main competitor is frustration. The all-too frequent reaction to administering secondary property rights across kaleidoscopic variations of language registrations, rules, formats, ownership and time periods is to give up. Revenues are uncollected and the returns on creative investment are much less than they should be.

AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l. has been established to track and distribute royalties on retransmission of the products of independent producers in representation of AGICOA - its sister organization - notably for producers in those EU countries where AGICOA has no local partner companies. This is especially the case in those EU countries that have recently joined the European Union. The existence of AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l. allows its rightsholders to benefit from specific legislation of the European Union with respect to collective management, retransmission of TV channels and fiscal law.

We offer a simple alternative. Clients have one point of contact. The single registration of any audiovisual product eliminates the complications for rightsholders of registering country-by-country.

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This form of representation is also efficient for operators. From their perspective, agreeing terms for a wide range of programming through a blanket license (a single, binding contract) is preferable to negotiating separate contracts with many different program makers.

Our monitoring system takes over global tracking responsibilities. We deal with the negotiation and collection of all such rights and maintain detailed records of use, royalty allocation and payments that can be consulted by any client at any time.

The scope of these operations delivers multi-country economies of scale beyond the reach of national operations.

Registration at AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l. is free. We finance our services through the deduction of a fee of below 10% of royalties collected. In other words, there is no client investment, only returns.

We negotiate with retransmission operators. We collect your royalties. We allocate your monies. You receive your revenues.