AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l.: The Rights People

AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l. is not a conventional agent or collecting society. We are a unique, international, not-for-profit organization established in 2008 to track and distribute royalties essentially on retransmission of the products of independent producers.

AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l. - as AGICOA its sister organization - represents clients worldwide. It operates under the terms of audiovisual copyright law established by the Berne Convention and the provisions of the Cable and Satellite Directive as well as the authorization granted on March 13, 2009 by the Government of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l. was set-up notably for producers in those EU countries where AGICOA has no local partner companies. This is especially the case in those EU countries that have recently joined the European Union. The existence of AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l. allows its rightsholders to benefit from specific legislation of the European Union with respect to collective management, retransmission of TV channels and fiscal law.

AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l. is directed by and is accountable to an international administrative board that includes rightsholder representatives as well as individuals with a range of professional skills and experience relevant to our activities.

Our international operations are facilitated through the AGICOA Alliance, a network of associates in key media markets. Through them, rightsholders access the advantages of local language, market insight and negotiating skills.