Whenever there is retransmission of an audiovisual work by cable or by similar means, a remuneration may be due. It is AGICOA EUROPE's a.s.b.l. task to obtain payment of these royalties from the operators and to redistribute them to the entitled Declarants.

  • Countries: the countries we serve almost doubled since 2000;
  • Channels : the number of channels remunerated grew regularly.

4 steps to be paid

  1. Register with AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l.: no investment, only returns;
  2. Declare rights on works: no declaration - no money;
  3. Update rights on works: to ensure AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l. can continue to distribute the royalties due to you;
  4. Settle your conflict: money is released when the conflicting declarants update their rights declaration and thus settle the conflict.