Update your rights on works

No update: no money

Rights on audiovisual works change in time, and we strongly recommend you review your declarations to ensure AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l. can continue to distribute the retransmission rights that are due to you. Also to avoid or solve conflicts with other parties that claim to have the same rights, it is necessary you keep your rights up-to-date.

  • Web declaration portal - IRRIS Web, the web declaration portal to declare, update and/or query your works and rights as well as to look at your related remunerations over the web;
  • Electronic declaration file - WRI, the format to import works and rights information between your Company's database and AGICOA's to declare and/or to update your works and rights;
  • Paper declarations - Paper declaration forms that you will fill in from your computer, print and send back to AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l..

Should you wish to contact us, kindly send your message to contact@agicoa-europe.lu.