The web declaration portal to declare, update and/or query your works and rights as well as to look at your related remunerations over the web;

  • Access provided automatically as soon as you are registered with AGICOA EUROPE a.s.b.l.;
  • Quick and easy: declare, update and/or query your data from your desk through Internet;
  • Security mechanisms have been set up to provide secure and appropriate access to data;
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed to provide appropriate access to your data;
  • You can use IRRIS Web with the most commonly available web browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox and Netscape;
  • Kindly contact us to know more about it at or by phone at: +41 22 544 83 11;
  • Download the IRRIS Web - Access request form, fill it in directly from your computer, print it, date it and sign it before sending it back to us;
  • ... and try it yourself, it's free!
  • Should you have any questions once you are connected to IRRIS Web, kindly contact our helpdesk at or by phone at: +41 22 544 83 11.